Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hey Green Team -

I'd like to pick your brains about a Green Team mailinglist/blog.

I set up our Yahoo one - mainly because I already had a Yahoo ID, and I wanted to see what their group setup was like. However, I'm not sure that I like it - or that it fits our needs/preferences as well something else might. It's also kind of cluttered,I think.

I do like the way the entries get emailed out to people - so they don't have to remember to go check the website. It also has an RSS feed. I know others have this too, but I'm not sure about the email part. Can Blogger users sign up to receive posts by email?

I don't have much blog experience - do any of you have other blogs that you like? Please let me know what features you think a setup like this should have, as well as any sites I can check out as examples. I'm not attached to this Yahoo one at all.